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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Why I switched to AMPs!

I switched to AMPs around 10 months ago. 
It all started because I was having horrific period pain and i didn't know how to stop it. I had tried everything! 
I was on YouTube looking at a period vlog by a youtuber called Girlztalkx, then in my suggestion box, Bree from Precious stars, video was listed, at first I thought, this us disgusting! A few months later I watched a few more videos and thought wait a minute this isn't bad it is so natural and safe. I was switched from the idea of  disposables to AMPs in a matter of seconds. I went to have two periods with pads and tampons thinking who horrible I felt I just couldn't think of a way to confront her with the idea. One night I just came out with it and said " did you know that you can get pads for your period that you wash!" my mum hated the idea and even now she still does but in the end she said that it's my body and that if that is what I wanted to try then she was willing to let me do it.
Thanks for reading.
Just a short one! 

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