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Friday, 21 November 2014

Emilla cloth pad review

I can safely say that Emilla pads are one of my FAVOURITE pad brands!
As far as i know all their pads are cotton topped, the cotton is the best quality cotton i have in my cloth pad stash. I'm not usually a fan of wrapped wing style pads, but these really work for me. i usually tend to experience bunching with wing styles, and i didn't experience this with these pads.They are super absorbent, they are backed in a patented fabric, this is a waterproofing layer, literately nothing can get through this layer, it is a fantastic pad for a heavy flow! The snaps are metal and super quiet in the bathroom, but still strong enough not to come undone, the snaps are nickel free.
They have no centre stitching which isn't a problem because these pads pull all of the moisture away from you even without the wicking stitch but it felt like it did. I didn't feel any moisture even after the gushes! 
The prices are fantastic! Even shipping to the UK isn't that much. I'm unsure of the shipping price for other countries bit the UK isn't much at all!
She sends you a personal note and a chocolate in every parcel! It's lovely to receive a note personally to you. It's lovely to see that she has taken the time to write that to you!  
They are just amazing pads you should check them out!

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