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Friday, 12 December 2014

period attire pad review

the young woman who runs period attire pads is called Terra, she is a lovely young woman, a Christian  which is always a plus! i had a few questions so i contacted her through her etsy shop, and her customer service is great! she is such a sweet young woman!  
she, as i said sells of etsy 
PeriodAttirePads     - her pads
i bought :
super (marked with a purple ribbon) overnight 12 inch pad
6 inch budget liner (no ribbon)
7 inch light pad (marked with a fuchsia ribbon)     

i LOVE the over night pad is is super absorbent and it has never stained even after leaking through!
it is backed in micro fleece, it snaps up to 2.75 inches which is a great width for overnight.
the budget liners have no core which is great as it is just in place to protect your underwear  however this isnt great for cup backup as it wont absorb anything. it is super thin and works great!
the light pad was good, i really like the thinness of it also.

Terra also has a youtube channel that she runs with her friend Bryn, be sure to check them out.

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