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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

whats with the FDA approval?!?

I have just been flicking through instagram to find out that Terra from Period attire is no longer making pads! Terra is a highly talented sewer and i love her pads! Bree from Precious stars will no longer be selling to the us, all due to the FDA regulations! I saw on Facebook or Twitter someone said that whoever said that cloth pads were a medical device was a man, I just found that really funny! Why don't tampons have to go through the same safety checks as some absorbent fabrics! I don't understand why the price is so high to be able to sell to the us and other countries! What needs to be checked on them, it is basically made the same way as your cloths bust absorbent. It's not a medical device to put a towel between your legs while you are on your period! Are disposable pads FDA approved, no, so why handmade pads which the makers know exactly what's inside them!

Anyway rant over! Sorry for not making a post in a while I have been having a few family issues.
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