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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Your first period!

I know that knowing that this thing called a "period" is going to happen can be a little scary, or perhaps in some cases, exciting. 
The next thing you need to know is what happens? 
Well a period is when the lining of the uterus is not needed, because the egg has not been fertilised by sperm. Thee lining of your uterus then has no where to go but out, this is a period. 
Now you might like to know when this is going to happen. 
Well, it could happen anytime between the ages of 8-18 (if you haven't got your period by this time then you may want to consult your doctor or gynaecologist) . It's mainly unpredictable
 One way you might be able to roughly predict your first period is to ask your mum when she started. This is not however a definite answer, if your mum started at say 10 and you are 12 and still don't have your period this doesn't mean that you will never get it. For example my mum started at 10 and I started at 13.

You should know some of the signs that your period is coming :

Hair under your arms

Pubic hair
Breast development 
Discharge (anywhere up to 3 years before you start your period) 

Mood swings 

Cramps in your lower abdomen, back or behind your knees

The next thing you need to know are the options of period products that are on offer.

Disposable pads

Disposable tampons 
Reusable tampons 
Menstrual cup
Cloth menstrual pad

The first 2 carry a few risks, however they ate only slight, however tampons can lead to toxic shock syndrome and this can kill you. Tampons will not kill you, it's the disease if left untreated. You can prevent TSS (toxic shock syndrome) by changing your tampons regularly. 

Pads are a little different. They have a toxic gel in them which if it comes into contact with your skin can give you chemical burns. This risk is 
extremely small and almost never happens, but once again why take the risk. 

Reusable tampons can still cause TSS, do not be mislead!

Menstrual cups however cannot cause TSS as they don't absorb anything, just collect your menstrual fluid. Then you empty out the cup and re insert.

Cloth pads work much in the same way as disposable pads, however you snap the wings together. Once you have done this you can them wash them. I have a blog post on this 

I also have a blog post on why you might like to use reusable menstrual products 

Thanks for reading .
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Thanks Rachel 

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