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Monday, 10 November 2014

why use reusable menstrual products?

You are probably thinking, why would you ever use reusables, well I used to be the same. I thought they were disgusting, but what could be more disgusting than having an itchy sweaty piece of plastic in your underwear? Plus you are putting cancer causing chemicals near the most absorbent part of your body! Yes it's a very low risk, but why take the chance? If you thinks that using reusable menstrual products is old fashioned, just take 5 minutes to have a look at what they are like, there are specially made fabrics like zorb. This is made for cloth pads and nappies. And the prints alone would have made me switch. Some of them are just beautiful.
This is just an insight to why we use reusable menstrual products.
Thanks for reading. :)

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